The Connection Between Content Marketing and SEO

Content Marketing and SEO rely on each other. SEO demands great content, and content needs SEO to be seen. What is SEO? If you asked that question a decade ago, experts may have responded that SEO is about selecting the right short- and long-form keywords and putting them into content the correct number of times. However, those days are gone. As search engines start to imitate the way people think, they prioritize high-quality content more and more. 

To have a successful SEO strategy, you need to master content marketing. These two concepts work hand-in-hand.

What Google Looks For in Content

There are a few main qualities that make amazing content. 

First, it should be relevant. Readers want information that is authoritative and interesting. 

Second, the content needs to be clear and helpful. This is one reason why focusing on rigid keywords can be counterproductive. Google algorithms look for articles that people enjoy, and humans always prefer pieces that are easy to understand. If your content flows nicely, speaks in a simple voice and offers helpful tips, then search engines love it.

Another quality that is vital for content marketing is freshness. A steady supply of new blog posts tells Google that your company is healthy and important to users. If you have several blog posts that drive lots of visits to your website, make sure to update them regularly with fresh statistics or links. Search engines notice the difference.

In simple terms, to know what Google wants from the best-performing content, all you need to do is think about what kind of article your customers would enjoy the most. Even factors such as reading level, bullet points, images, and videos affect your pages’ SEO success. This is because Google understands that people love this type of content. 

For the techies, you can read this article by Smart Insights called How Google evaluates your content quality and top techniques to reverse a Google penalty.

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Search engines also look at trending keywords when suggesting websites to visit. If your content has some of those keywords,there is a greater likelihood search engines will ranker your content higher.

What Great Content Marketing Means

One excellent example of branded content is blogs. Your company blog can offer helpful tips that improve your customers’ lives or answer questions that they probably have. For example, blog articles may cover 10 Ways To Remove Mud Stains or help readers decide on The Best Digital Security Apps.

These articles build a great relationship between customers and your brand, and it helps them to see how awesome your products are for their families. This is amazing for SEO because search engines reward increased click-through rates with more page visits.

Content Marketing by blogging
Find your comfort zone to come up with writing ideas.

The idea behind using your content as a marketing tool is to create amazing customer experiences that attract people to your business naturally. It’s not about direct selling or pushing people to buy. Instead, effective content marketing tells customers that you understand their needs and want to help them achieve their ideal lifestyle.

If you are a small businesses, take a look at some of the online projects, such as 40 blogging ideas that you can start at home if you away from the store.

Writing great content can be daunting. If you need help, contact CR Digital Solutions and we can discuss some content marketing ideas for you.

The Connection Between Content Marketing and SEO