CR Digital Solutions awarded one of Glendale’s First Green Business Certifications

Working hand in hand with the City of Glendale Green Business Program, CR Digital Solutions followed the three simple steps to “Go Green” to earn one of the first Green Business certifications for the city.

“As a digital marketing company, one of my goals is to support eco-friendly companies that are trying to help protect the environment. When I saw the city of Glendale’s program designed to help local businesses ‘go green’ and become more efficient, profitable, and sustainable, I jumped at the chance,” said CR Digital Solutions owner Chris Ryder.  

Step 1 > Registration

CR Digital Solutions may be an up-and-coming small business and does not have the high carbon impact that larger businesses might have, but Chris wanted to bring down his carbon footprint to as little as possible.

The first step was to fill in the registration form on the City’s “Green Business Program” website. Within a day, City of Glendale staff called Chris to give him the details of the program and set up an on-site meeting to get an inventory of the CR Digital Solutions business environment.


Step 2 > Assessment

Just a week after registration, city staff arrived at CR Digital Solutions home base and took an assessment of the working environment. They looked at electricity & water usage, computer & electronic devices, paper products & printer cartridges, eco-friendly appliances, travel needs, cleaning products, recycling use, and any other office products or use that could impact the environment.

City staff was extremely friendly and took careful notes followed up by a few photos here and there. They offered useful common-sense tips throughout the 20-minute assessment, completed a simple checklist, and took back their findings to their office for a full analysis of the business.

Step 3 > Getting Certification

Although a bit worried at first as to what costs and fixes he might have to make, Chris was thrilled to find that analysis showed that CR Digital Solutions had already fulfilled many of the requirements needed for an eco-friendly business, and the suggestions offered were fully reachable goals for the business. Already owning a hybrid vehicle, having water-resistant landscaping, separating recyclables, and the installation of double-paned windows to lower energy costs were all in Chris’ favor.

Upon the return visit to discuss the findings, staff brought a wealth of green knowledge for simple and inexpensive suggestions to become compliant. Even better, they also brought a small supply of recycled paper towels and toilet paper (the good stuff), LED-light bulbs, eco-friendly cleaning supplies, and some tools to decrease water usage. Lastly, the California Green Business Network (CAGBN) provided the business up to $500 for any purchases made to complete measures for the program.

For a small business like CR Digital Solutions, the biggest impact would be on electronic use. City staff helped Chris with power management settings for the computers, found inexpensive 100% recycled paper, refurbished printer cartridges, and LED lights to lower the energy use AND costs. Chris also plans to purchase non-toxic cleaner products and follow a “smart-driving” program to lessen C02 emissions and lower fuel costs for business trips.


Other Business Benefits of Going Green

Trying to be a more sustainable business, helping the environment, and lowering a business’ carbon footprint are all lofty goals, but there are also some business reasons to be eco-friendly.

    Sound eco-friendly business practices will lead to savings for your business. Lower energy costs and conservation, recycling, use of water-saving devices, energy-efficient equipment, and reduced waste will save your company money.
    Studies, such as a recent Nielsen study, have found that if given a choice, consumers are increasingly looking to purchase from vendors and suppliers that support or sell sustainability and eco-friendly products. Many are even willing to pay more for these values and demands.
    In certain situations, different government entities may offer various tax advantages to businesses that “go green”. This could include tax breaks, credits or rebates for use of alternative energy uses.
    Customers trust and feel good supporting a business that has a social conscience.
    As part of getting the Green Business Certification, your business will be listed on the City of Glendale’s Green Business website, the California Green Business Network database, and will be able to participate in local B2B opportunities.

The City of Glendale Green Business Program

The City of Glendale in California is currently providing a FREE business assistance program to help local businesses “go green” and become more efficient, profitable and sustainable. The certification is based upon property size and business type. Green Business credit is provided for water efficiency, recycling, non-toxic cleaner use, building green, commuting sustainably and/or hiring locally.

Chris from CR Digital Solutions praised the program: “I found the city staff to be very helpful and the overall process was very simple to follow. There were no surprises and the solutions were very flexible for different types of businesses. I would suggest every business in Glendale, big or small, take part in this program.”

More details of the City of Glendale Green Business Program

CR Digital Solutions awarded one of Glendale’s First Green Business Certifications