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7 Tips for Effective Digital Marketing

In today’s online marketplace, reaching the right people at the right time is important. A great ad or exciting article is just what you need to prompt potential customers to make purchases. Here are seven ways you can create an effective digital marketing strategy.

Focus on Amazing Blog Content

Attractive content is good for your relationship with customers and for organic search rankings. Helpful blogs with tips, tricks and solutions increase click-through rates because they’re interesting. At the same time, Google notices well-written pieces and is more likely to feature them on first-page results.

Keep Your Content Relevant

Showing up on the first page of search results is everything when it comes to digital marketing. Page one results receive a large amount of total traffic for keywords. One thing search engines look for when making recommendations is the age of content. If there are two high-quality blogs about the same topic, Google usually shows the piece that is more recent. That means that you should update your website and blog posts on a regular basis. Industry standards will dictate the number of new blog posts published.

Make It Easy for People to Share your Content

You can increase word-of-mouth advertising by making it easier for social media followers or blog readers to share your posts. On your website, make sure that share buttons are prominent. The same thing goes for icons that lead to your branded social media accounts.

Give Readers a Valuable Call to Action

Every blog or social media post should invite visitors to do something. This call to action may be to schedule an appointment, take advantage of a sale or buy a product that can help them.

Use Geo-Specific SEO Practices

If you own a small business, don’t forget to include geo terms with your keywords. For example, instead of using “industrial painters” in your blog, use a local term such as “industrial painters in Pasadena, CA.” That way your company is more likely to show up to customers that live in your service area.

Encourage Positive Reviews

Ratings and reviews have a huge effect on Google’s opinion of your website. They also help people choose to purchase your company’s products. Many online shoppers rely on reviews to decide whether or not to buy. Politely ask customers at checkout to leave a review, and highlight the best ones on your website. Google is the best place to start for SEO, but some businesses may also rely on industry-specific review websites, like The Knot or Thumbtack.

Keep Tabs on Your Social Media Account

Social media is all about interacting with new and loyal customers. Every audience will be a bit different and there are a number of ways to engage with them. If a business has a large audience, you can’t respond to all comments, but you might be able to show appreciation with posts or give back to them for engagement. A smaller audience can get more interpersonal communication, and businesses can even reach out in direct messages. Social media posts should always reflect well your brand message, and so should your employees. This gives you a positive reputation online.

Digital marketing is an amazing tool. It pays to work with people who know the best ways to make online content shine.

7 Tips for Effective Digital Marketing