Mayors Commendation

The Glendale Mayor likes what we’re doing!

Vrej Agajanian, the Mayor of Glendale, presented CR Digital Solutions a Mayor’s Commendation recognizing our visionary leadership, commitment and integration of environmental sustainability. This award stemmed from our companies pledge to “go green” and maintain as little impact as possible on the environment.

Any business can conserve valuable resources and save money for their business. This month, we were surprised and thankful that the City highlighted CR Digital Solutions on their Green Business website. They liked our summary of the program!

We are especially excited to be honored as a green business along with our long-time friend Maureen Palacios at Once Upon a Time Bookstore. Small businesses as diverse as Montrose Vitamins, Yog-urt, SIG Property Management, the Imagine Theater group, Foster-All agency and Novin Herbs and Spices have all become certified. They all have unique needs but are all doing their bit to help our environment. As of this post, Edward James Hair Salon in Montrose is in the process to become certified.

See all of Glendale’s green certified businesses. We encourage you to support all these businesses.

Green Business Network

The City’s program is a free program (including a free environmental audit of your business and special rebates) for any business and we urge any of you to give the city and call and sign-up for the program.

If you are interested in making you business green certified, take a look at their Glendale’s Certified Green Business Program.

The Glendale Mayor likes what we’re doing!