Community Pages in the News

Community Pages appear in the CV local newspaper

The Crescenta Valley Weekly, a local newspaper in Southern California, wrote an article about CR Digital Solutions’ venture into the online community of the Crescenta Valley. To begin 2021 on a positive note, CR Digital Solutions created community pages for a new website, called We Are CV.

Introducing the CV Wall of Thanks

After year of a raging pandemic, political upheaval, strong racial tension, and social media battles, CR Digital Solutions founder, Chris Ryder, is unveiling the site by introducing a “Wall of Appreciation” to the community so neighbors in the area could give thanks to one another. Examples of appreciation could be for:

  •  a health care professional risking their life each day working so close to the COVID-19 virus,
  • a teacher using all their creativity to inspire students to keep pushing through yet another zoom call,
  • a grocery store worker cleaning shopping carts and and protecting basic products we need each day,
  • a restaurant owner thinking outside the box to keep their business alive and still serve their community,
  • a parent struggling to balance working at home & paying their bills all while keeping their kids on task during to social learning,
  • a police officer doing their best to keep the peace,
  • a student teenager tutoring a younger student,
  • community workers running a food bank to serve those who have lost their livelihood,
  • and hundreds more

Since Covid-19 shut us down, we also saw a lot more interaction on social media, with neighbors scrolling for answers about COVID testing sites, the latest mask rules, and other pandemic news. Problems appeared when a post with helpful comments may show up on Facebook one day, and then next time you look, the information was nowhere to be seen.

Creating a Sense of Community

A second goal of “We are CV” is to create a central resource for the community. We are using our experience as web designers to develop a permanent location for community members to find information in the Crescenta Valley area. The CV Valley includes about 4 main local & unique communities (Sunland, Tujunga, La Crescenta and La Canada).

Ideally, these communities can share information that is not just relevant to their local Facebook or neighborhood group, but can be shared for all the neighbors in the entire valley. We are looking to highlight businesses in the area that desperately nee to help to keep afloat. The future of the site is open and it will driven partially by the interest of the community.

Since social media can be a marketing tool to highlight our community needs and for sharing information, we will be soon opening a Facebook and Instagram pages.

For now, CR Digital Solutions is looking for residents and businesses to help populate the site with correct and useful content. If interested, sign up at the We Are CV Volunteer page.

It is important for neighborhoods to feels a sense of community. The development of community pages is a good start and we appreciate the Crescenta Valley Weekly for mentioning us in the local news.

Community Pages appear in the CV local newspaper