There’s more than one way to sell your stuff!

Covid-19 has hit businesses hard like a Category 5 hurricane.  Many brick and mortar stores have been struggling and are looking for revenue opportunities.  The most obvious solution is an online store.

You already know why you should have an online presence: you are open 24/7,  more customers, ease of research for potential customers, better management and measuring of sales, increase in brand recognition, scalability for outsourcing inventory, all which can lead to a lot of new revenue.
online store

The question is: Why are you NOT selling online?

Your website is the central hub for an online business strategy that should include a store.  Even services can have an online store to bring in extra revenue. For example,  a hairdresser can sell a multitude of hair products.

At CR Digital Solutions, we have developed stores for many different  business and organizations, big or small. Our team knows exactly what it takes to custom build a store that fits your brand, so you can expand your business.

We will build a unique online store specifically for your business!

Nothing cookie-cutter here. There are too many ads out there selling a quick and easy store or website with two swipes and a click.  The reality is many are inflexible in their design, not fully customizable, have extra costs, and you may not even own your online store.  By using CR Digital Solutions,  you will fully own your site. Your content will look pristine, polished and relevant when we’re done with it. We’ll deliver the following:

  • Tailor-made site for your business or organization
  • Improved online visibility
  • Baseline SEO tactics
  • Ability to compete with similar businesses
  • Opportunity to gain a larger, more loyal customer base

Contact us TODAY to build a  store for your business

Whether you want a new store for your business, or just want to “upgrade” your current site,  we’d love to walk you through the process.

Contact us today and we’ll tell you more about the website design and development services we can offer you.